Jonathan Paul Foster, 12, Bayou Body Count No. 299

Photo courtesy HPD
Mona Yvette Nelson: Charged with capital murder
A family friend has been charged with capital murder in the horrible Christmas death of a 12-year-old boy.

The body of Jonathan Paul Foster was found charred almost beyond recognition and abandoned in a northside ditch. He had been missing since Christmas Eve.

Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, has been charged with capital murder in the case. She was a friend of the roommate of Foster's mother; the roommate had often acted as Jonathan's babysitter.

Police told reporters Nelson had admitted she was the woman seen on surveillance video dumping the charred body into the ditch.

According to the Houston Chronicle HPD sources "also said investigators found burned carpet at Nelson's home and discovered twine that appeared to match the string that was used to bind Jonathan's hands."

Police believe the body was burned after the murder, the Chron says.

No motive was determined.



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And yet all we ever hear about is Trayvon Martin.....the media is racist and has a biased agenda, wake up people!  Justice is no longer a concern!

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