Johnny Perales: Porn On Work Laptop Lands Corpus Asst. City Manager In Hot Water

No longer scheduled in Corpus
We coastal Texan men are apparently a randy, lonely lot. Even as Galveston cops plucked the Seawall Spanker -- a publicly masturbating surfing aficionado -- from his car on the edge of the Gulf, another case of [presumably] jacking off in a manner unbecoming of a gentleman emerges from Corpus Christi.

That city's Caller-Times broke the story:

Assistant City Manager Johnny Perales will take five unpaid days off and give up a week of vacation as punishment for using his city-issued laptop computer to access pornographic websites during nonwork hours.

Perales came to City Manager Angel Escobar several months ago and told him he had an addiction to Internet pornography and asked for help, Escobar said in a written statement issued Wednesday.

Just before that discussion, Perales voluntarily started counseling, he said.
"In having to go more public with this, I hope I can emphasize to anyone with any kind of self-destructive or addictive behavior to seek help," he said.

The paper further reported that a police examination of Perales's work laptop dredged up 1,300 naughty pictures culled from visits to over 2,400 racy sites. None were found to be illegal in nature, though it's probably safe to surmise that Corpus Christi's namesake would disapprove of them all.

Pareles's boss, City Manager Angel Escobar, announced his rationale in giving his underling a second chance. Escobar touted Perales's 19 years of "exceptional" work performance, the fact that his taste in porn was legal, and his confession and plea for assistance with his addiction. He also reiterated that Perales's porn-surfing took place off the clock.

"Besides," Ecobar did not add, "if God did not intend for us to spank it to the Internet, then why did He make it out of porn?"

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