DWI: Six Tips For Avoiding A Conviction This New Year's Eve

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Be careful out there
New Year's Eve is upon us, and that means drinking, parties, celebration, and drinking some more. If getting behind the wheel after a few beers and a champagne toast is your style, be prepared to deal with the horde of cops out there to catch you.

"Even prosecutors like to wave the day around like a flag," says Tyler Flood, a Houston DWI attorney. "They'll say, 'And it happened on New Year's Eve.' Like you had to be drunk if you were driving on New Year's Eve."

We've long been a fan of Flood's work in the courtroom, amazed at the "not guilty" verdicts he brings in. But that, of course, will cost you. To help keep you away from the pen light and breathalyzer, and a fat attorney's fee, Hair Balls presents some tips for not getting a DWI conviction.


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Heather Atherton
Heather Atherton

Or move to a real city with plenty of cabs, extensive transit, and penny rides on major drinking holidays.

Greg Feczko
Greg Feczko

It amazes me how much stupidity there is: just take a cab or call AAA and they will tow you and your stupid car home :)

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