Annise Parker Dons The Hard Hat Again To Demolish A Dilapidated Apartment Complex

Photo by Jessica Michan
Bob the Builder has nothing on Annise Parker, who loves to put on hard hats to watch old apartment buildings comes down.

This time it was the Ella Square Apartments on Ella Boulevard near the North Loop, a complex that closed in March after numerous citations for safety and health regulations.

This time, though, she didn't operate a backhoe. (Update: Michan informs us that Parker did operate a backhoe, but she didn't get a picture of it. We should have guessed Parker wouldn't pass up that chance.)

The picture shows her with council member Brenda Stardig, who said neighbors had been influential in bringing about the demoition.

"Neighbors were diligent in utilizing the city's 3-1-1 Service Helpline to make city authorities aware of the deplorable conditions at this complex," said Stardig. "This demolition is a perfect example of how citizens can make a difference and achieve results by reporting concerns to 3-1-1."

The owner of the complex volunteered to bring it down, Stardig said.

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