Ten '90s Movies That Spurred Our Sexual Awakenings

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THE SANDLOT??? Oh yeah: Read on
A few weeks back, Jeff Balke chronicled the five `80's movie scenes that spurred his age group's sexual awakenings. The movies that "caused a stirring in my loins" as he said, at that precocious young age where the world is an awfully confusing and sexy place.

Being younger than Balke and his similarly-aged friends and only 27 myself, I came of age in the middle to late '90s. I grew up with soft-core Cinemax porn, scrambled Playboy channel smut, early precursors to lad magazine's like Maxim, Jenny McCarthy's tongue, steamy Madonna and Aerosmith videos, Jennifer Aniston's constantly erect nipples on Friends, and the beginning of online porn to stimulate our senses.

When you are 13 or so, anything with boobs will get your motor running. The titles of movies that had naked chicks in them were passed around in junior high and below like sacred Bible verses.

"Get your dad to rent Timecop. You can totally see that chick's cooch and her boobs," someone would say at the lunch table, in a hushed tone so the girls wouldn't hear. This was before Netflix or On Demand, so you had to trick someone older to peddle smut to you. And yes, that one scene in Timecop was a revelation in 1995 on cable.

If you were already out of puberty by the late '90s, this list will open up your eyes to what us younger cats were getting into around the time President Clinton was carousing with Monica Lewinsky. If you are my age, let's take a trip down our own perverse memory lane.

10. The Sandlot (1993)
It's all about Wendy Peffercorn, played by Marley Shelton. I was only ten, but it was then we realized that older chicks were where the action was.

9. Career Opportunities (1991)
The scene with bad girl Jennifer Connelly riding the mechanical horse was not fit for children.

8. Boogie Nights (1997)
This one came later, around the time I entered high school, but instantly endeared me to Heather Graham and Julianne Moore for life.

7. The Last Seduction (1994)
For pubescent boys in the '90s, Linda Fiorentino wasn't that popular of a choice, but for me she was undiscovered country.

6. The Crush (1993)
If you grew up watching MTV in the early '90s, Alicia Silverstone was your imaginary girlfriend. You knew she was cool because she had a belly ring.

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