Our 10 Most-Clicked Items Of The Year, Including Some Odd Ones

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Wear out that mouse finger
For the record and in case it's not clear, we appreciate like hell all the reading and commenting you do all year on Hair Balls. We love it.

What stories most piqued reader interest this year? The internet brings the ability to examine that closely. And here they are (although there may be some late-in-the-year contenders displacing some of these:

10. World's Worst Counterfeiter Nabbed, (No Doubt) Laughed At
A teenaged boy, a copy machine, an inability to understand that with legitimate money, the front side is equally as long as the back.

9. Jerome Ponette Wrecks Six Cars After Getting 86'd From Strip Club
You mean there really is "no sex in the champagne room"?

8. News From The Job Market: It's So Bad, You'll (Allegedly) Put Up With A Boss Masturbating On You
Use of the word "on" instead of "in front of" really jacks up the ickiness factor.

7. Ramiro C. Lozano, World's Dumbest Child Pornographer, Gets 20 Years
Traveling in a car full of your massive child-porn collection? Don't fall asleep on the side of the road. The cops may notice.

6. Ziggy's Has Parking, And A Pissed-Off Sign About It
The internet: Source of all the important information anyone needs.

5. How Not To Get 35 Years For Pot Possession -- Step 1: Don't smoke your weed in front of a day care.

4. Hey Kids!! Stay In School!! And Here's How You Do Oral And Anal Sex!!
When school board members go wild.

3. Dr Pepper Takes A Dive Off A Highway Ramp
A fiery crash produced a great picture.

2. Alleged Aggie Doctor Brags Of Firing Obama-Voting Employee
A wider audience had less appreciation for this act than the Aggie message board readers for whose benefit it was first posted.

1. WikiLeaks: Texas Company Helped Pimp Little Boys To Stoned Afghan Cops
WikiLeaked diplomatic cables contained explosive charges about a Texas company. The company denied the charges.


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