The 10 Worst Burglary Neighborhoods In Houston (For The Moment)

Categories: Crime

5. Beat 18F50 -- around Sharpstown Mall
Remember, these are burglary stats, so having a shopping mall in the neighborhood isn't that big a deal. (Robbery stats might be another matter.)

4. Beat 12D10 -- around Almeda Mall
Still, the malls keep popping up on the list. Maybe cash-challenged shoppers hit up the local neighborhoods before entering the malls.

3. Beat 19G20 -- the far west side
It's the Wild, Wild West, with two of the top three slots. This one includes Bellaire West and Catalina Square.

2. Beat 19G10 -- near Westwood Mall
And something called Concourse South, which we haven't heard of.

1. Beat 1A30 -- the rest of Montrose
Congratulations, Montrose!! You had a heck of an October!! Fifty burglaries! Wonder if these guys had anything to do with it.

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