The 10 Worst Burglary Neighborhoods In Houston (For The Moment)

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What are the best neighborhoods to live in if you want to get burglarized? We've gathered 10 of the finest.

We looked at the most recent crime stats for HPD beats, which means the month of October. HPD generally doesn't like "raw data comparisons between police beats" because the info can be skewed, obviously, but what the hell -- you need to know, dammit.

Click on the individual links for a detailed map of the neighborhood in question.

10. Beat 7C10 -- near Quitman and the Eastex
Thirty-seven burglaries by our count in this northeast neighborhood. It includes the Fifth Ward and Pinecrest.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT -- of posing for a burglary photo
9. Beat 7C20 -- Kashmere Gardens, et al.
Generally the same part of town as the 10-th ranked neighborhood.

8. Beat 3B10 -- Oak Forest and environs
Up along the Hempstead Highway and the Northwest Freeway, this beat includes Northwest Mall and Brookhollow.

7. Beat 1A20 -- Montrose
Not all of Montrose -- mostly the parts east of Montrose Boulevard. It also includes Avondale and part of the Fourth Ward.

6. Beat 17E40 -- Fondren Southwest
Ah, you knew this was coming. But you may be surprised it only checks in at number six. Generally both sides of Bellfort, in between South Gessner and Hillcroft. Hey, Hair Balls lives not far from there!!

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