The 10 Biggest Houston Stories Of The Year

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Tom DeLay: A conviction to go with the mugshot
There are still a couple days left for earthshaking stories to take place in 2010. But since most news is bad news, let's hope the worst is over.

What were the top 10 news stories in Houston in 2010? We're so glad you asked, since we've worked up a list already. Feel free to tell us what we missed.

10. Bye-bye Yao
If "news" is defined as something unexpected, then perhaps Yao Ming getting injured yet again does not qualify. But this year's stress fracture seems likely to guarantee that the fragile center has played his last game in a Rockets uniform, due to either retirement or a trade. All that 7-5 promise, never quite fulfilled.

9. Bill White bombs

Texas wasn't ready for Bill White
As a bi-partisan mayor of the state's largest city, Bill White thought he had a chance to unseat a chronically unpopular governor who'd been in office a long, long time. But trying to sell a Democrat in Texas this year proved to be as difficult as selling Ted Nugent CDs at a MoveOn meeting.

8. Dynamo get their stadium
The usual people made the usual complaints about boondoggles, and they very well may have a point. But that didn't stop city and county officials from finally pulling the trigger on the new soccer stadium that will go by 59 near the George R. Brown Center. It will also host TSU games and very, very sweaty concerts.

7. KTRU: Death of a mostly ignored legend
Handled the right way, no one would probably have put up too much of a fuss over the death of Rice student-radio station KTRU -- the uber-eclecticism of its shows and playlists had long made it more fondly remembered than experienced. But UH and Rice chose the worst possible way to go about things, making a deal in secret that roused every corporate-conspiracy theorist in town to protest. In vain, of course.

6. The Tea Party takes over the legislature
Technically this is more of a state story, but the truth is much of the power of the Tea Party Caucus that will play a big role in 2011 is centered here in Houston. State Senator Dan Patrick will be out there sticking "In God We Trust" on everything, State Rep Debbie Riddle will be checking everyone's papers, social services will be cut to the bone -- it will be fun.

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