Worst Politician Hair: 13 Bi-Partisan Horrors

It's mid-term election season again, and no doubt you have been subjected to seeing Governor Rick Perry's suave Steve Reeves-style pompadour in his campaign commercials, or Democratic candidate Bill White's righteous chrome dome testing the limits of your HD television with it's high-gloss sheen during his own ads.

Politicians may have public speaking, corporate shilling, and cowering to lobbyists and shadowy money men down, but girl, they got to do something with they hairs. I'm looking at you, everyone who holds public office. Too bad you can't be fly like me. I bet they even bench press very much either.

13. Christine O'Donnell
She's like a Rachael Ray from Hell, and you just know she has split ends and uses only one kind of conditioner.

12. Harry Reid
I would so steal Harry Reid's lunch money, hardcore.
11. Tom Tancredo
Tom's hair looks like it was made by Ace Of Cakes. I love that smooth swirl.

10. Al Franken
Remember in school when your science teacher would bring rocks to class and smash them so you could see the mineral waves in them? Yeah.

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