Low-Cost Virgin America Airline Might Be Coming To Houston

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Another option for Houston fliers?
Another low-cost airline is looking to come to Houston, and that can't be bad.

Virgin America, the airline essentially owned by billionaire Richard Branson, is considering renting some gates in Houston to go along with an hoped-for expansion in Chicago, Bloomberg News is reporting.

The idea is somewhat dependent on the success the airline has with its new attempts to get in the Dallas market, an exec told the news service. And so far that looks good, he says.

"Early bookings in Dallas are 'quite strong' and 'on par or exceeding the rest of the network,'" Virgin America CEO Daviid Cush said.

Virgin America flight routes include the three main cities in California; Boston, New York and Washington D.C., and Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

Virgin America jets are big on the tech, with wi-fi and computers to order drinks and food.

Another low-cost option to go along with Southwest and JetBlue would not be a bad thing for Houston travelers.

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Still waiting for Virgin America...these airfares are ridiculous from Houston to San Francisco thanks to the monopoly United has now.

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller

Man I hope so. Virgin is one of the best airlines left in this country, and now that Continental is becoming United, that really decreases the good flight options in Houston.

Queen Mary
Queen Mary

And Pan Am is being revived in Brownsville? Cool. I have stacks of cocktail napkins from the defunct airline. Maybe I'll send them on down to help the new start-up bottom line.

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