Sad Yao Ming Is Sad

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Photo by Groovehouse. Photo illustrations by Monica Fuentes and Brittanie Shey
Yao Ming, contemplating his retirement and the existential quandries of life.
Like manna from the Meme Gods, we give you Sad Yao. This picture, taken during last night's fourth-straight Rockets loss, conveys all the sadness of a Sylvia Plath poem and those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials combined.

The injured center has been out the past few weeks with a bum foot, which is not spelling success for the rest of the Rocketboys' season. There is even alarmist word that he is headed to retirement. As it stands we are now 3-10. Even the Texans have won more games, and the Texans play like Danny O'Shea's Little Giants.

And so we bring you Sad Yao. Not be confused with Sad Keanu. Chin up, Yao, you could be Matt Schaub.

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Don't worry, Sad Keanu. Misery loves company.

Sad Yao just found out Target sold old out of Vanquish for XBox 360 on Black Friday.

Sad Yao thought Eva and Tony could work it out.

Pollution makes Sad Yao (and Iron Eyes Cody) sad.

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