Court Battle: Where Would The Discriminating Traveler Stay?

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If you were visiting Houston back in the Eisenhower years -- well, we hope you had family here, or some really pressing reason to visit.

But even if it was just a pleasure trip, where to stay? Look at the dilemma facing an intrepid vagabond forced to cheese between the Carlon Hotel Courts and the Helena Motor Court.

As you can see, the virtues of the Carlon are almost too innumerable to list -- "washed air conditioning" being only the first.

There are also venetian blinds, people!! And the showers have tile. Small wonder it is able to announce it is "For the discriminating tourists," not just any yahoos in from the sticks.

But do not dismiss the Helena so easily. Behold:

helena court.JPG

Is the Carlon, as discriminating as it might be, "approved by Duncan Hines"? Apparently not. So one wonders just what type of second-rate cake mix has approved it. The Helena, it also must be noted, is located on "Super Gulf Freeway 75." We have no idea what road this is, but it sounds like a highway that will never, ever be bumper-to-bumper for half the day because there's a fender-bender by Nasa Road 1.

Think you are prepared to make your choice? Think again. For there is one last piece of evidence to consider.

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