Jon Stewart & Rick Perry: The Gloves Stay On, Even In The Extended Clip

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Exclusive - Rick Perry Extended Interview
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Anyone hoping for a Daily Show grilling of Rick Perry and his extremist positions came away disappointed from last night's show, as he and Jon Stewart engaged in an amiable and somewhat aimless discussion that treated the governor's lightweight book as if it was a serious discussion of constitutional issues.

Eyes were no doubt glazing over as talk degenerated into the Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution, but in the end Perry came across as someone who believes you can have your gay marriage or your "medicinal weed," as he called it, if you live in California or some other state that supports it.

He also nimbly played the guest role on Stewart's show, something not everyone is able to pull off.

Of course, anyone hearing him talk about Texas' pro-business atmosphere, or ability to save gazillion-eleventy dollars on health care, weren't exactly exposed to what that means, in terms of lax air pollution rules or a crummy safety net for those who aren't well off.

But overall, a solid "B" performance on a tricky national stage for the governor.

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