NFL & College Football - Weekend's Best Bets (SEC Guy Podcast Gold)

Who doesn't love college football? Right?
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and got to spend some quality time with their families.

Me, my family is scattered all over the country, so when it came time to find some Thanksgiving dinner after my show yesterday, fortunately I had a family who allowed me into their home. They cooked a delightful, succulent bird, amazing dressing, green beans, macaroni, it was delightful...I'll even mention them on air....the family's last name, you may know them...the MARKET family? First name, BOSTON? A little weird sitting in a booth eating my turkey dinner, and even weirder that they gave me a free whole apple pie on my way out, but I was very thankful. So thank you, Boston Market...I'll be back.

With that said, since the theme of Black Friday is waiting around, standing in line, losing time, I'm going to keep things nice and tight for you this week.

First, here is a little gift for your listening pleasure while you stand in line for an hour waiting to buy a Wii or a toilet brush or whatever. This is SEC Guy's appearance on the national radio show I hosted today on Sporting News Radio. Radio Gold. Enjoy.

Now, you get the picks rapid fire form this week. No waiting, no nothing. (Translation: I don't have time to get wordy this Friday. Hey, what do you want? I was 5-1 last week! You can't complain!)

So here you go....


Boise State -13.5 over NEVADA
Notre Dame +4.5 over USC
LSU +3.5 over ARKANSAS

BILLS +6.5 over Steelers
FALCONS -2 over Packers
Eagles -3 over BEARS

Last week: 5-1
Season: 40-25-1

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