Dr. Fadi Ghanem: The Doctor Will See You Now, Especially If You Want Home-Grown Weed

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To the hydroponic marijuana!!
Dr. Fadi Ghanem is a 48-year-old family practitioner in The Woodlands. He also, apparently, is something of a weed horticulturalist who pissed someone off.

Police say he had a hyroponic marijuana set-up in his home. It sounds like he took a lot of precautions with it -- arrest reports describe a "secret room" next to the master bedroom that was only accessible by a hidden door.

(We can only hope the door was a fake wall-shelf full of phony books, because those are cool.)

All his precautions were for naught, however, as a tipster blabbed to the cops.

Now, if you're running your highly hidden pot-growing operation in any kind of decent manner, the number of people who could have blabbed about your hidden room is pretty small. Then again, if you were using the product you were allegedly growing, maybe you got chatty.

Police got a search warrant and found everything, including, according to Woodlands Online, prescription pills containing morphine and Xanax. Then again, you're a doctor.

Ghanem was charged only with possession of the morphine, at least so far.

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To thoose that are putting bad comments about dr.ghanem it really irkes me because this gentalman saved my life my blood level was a level1 when i first seeked his care i was headed for death bed and he treated me this man is loyal and guewine to all his clients he takes their health and listens to what you are telling him and puts it first to the person that went and created complete drama for such a loving person how dare you try and take away a hero and ruin many of patients that need his medical attention i dont care what this man does on his personal time as long as he keeps it inside of his home and isnt buging others their is no harm it isnt like he is our selling drugs to children or harming someone by careless actions at the end of the day i no dr.ghanem will make it through this and come out on top he is smart , loving, and most of all caring of others so to the hater that snitched im laughing in your face because what the devil ment for evil gods going to turn around and use for good. I believe in you dr.ghanem keep being loyal to your clients we are your #1 fans and have your back

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