CBS, Dish Network Settle: Two And A Half Men Fans Can Again Sleep At Night

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CSI: Whatever will remain on Houston's Dish Network TVs
Fast on the heels of settling a dispute with Fox, Dish Network has now worked out a deal that will keep CBS shows on the air in Houston.

KHOU president Susan McEldoon said in an open letter that a tentative agreement has been reached over Dish carrying Belo affiliates like Channel 11.

"I am happy to report we have reached a tentative agreement with DISH that keeps KHOU programming on their system for years to come," she wrote. "Tentative means we have to hammer out a few details, but I am confident those things can be worked out in short order."

The thrilling CBS shows are safe.
You can feel free to enjoy Shit My Dad Says, as some people apparently do.

The current deal between Belo and the Dish Network had been set to expire at the end of October -- as in just after midnight last night -- but the tentative agreement means that no overnight infomercials were denied to Houstonians.

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