Burlesque: Cher, Christina Aguilera And A 14-Year-Old Houstonian

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Nothing but class
Aficionados of the strip-club epic Showgirls are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Burlesque.

Burlesque hasn't been rated yet, but it has Cher and Christina Aguilera in it, so you know taste and decorum will likely be in short supply in this movie about a seedy "neo-burlesque" house.

One Houstonian -- one 14-year-old Houstonian -- is in a position to latch on to some of that burlesque magic.

Marissa Lee of the High School for the Visual & Performing Arts has already won $300 and is up for the grand prize in an MTV contest connected with the film. Her dad is out there urging everyone to go online and vote.

Urging your 14-year-old girl in a burlesque contest?

"It is just a promotion," Jamal Lee tells Hair Balls. "She is not in the movie or doing anything

Okay. The contest is open to females aged 13 to 30, who do a dance routine and get voted on starting tomorrow.

Judges have voted the finalists on execution, style and originality, but we're guessing online voters won't be held to such strict guidelines.

The winner gets $5,000 and her performance will be seen on an MTV special about the premiere of the movie.

"Make a winner of Marissa and Houston, " Lee says.

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