Beyonce Nip Slips: Five Of The Net's Best

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Houston's Beyonce is -- ha ha!! -- catching some heat in Britain over a TV ad for her new fragance Heat. The ad, allegedly, shows a nip slip.

It's not surprising that the web has gone nuts over this; it turns out the net is full of people obsessed with Beyonce nip slips. A sampling (NSFW, we guess):

5. Thanks for the arrow, dude

We would have been looking in the entirely wrong area for the possibility of a nipple sighting, like maybe her elbow or something.

4. The incredible Oscar close-up

This is Beyonce singing at the Oscars. Luckily, modern science allows masturbating web geeks to provide Zapruder-like close-ups to study:
Gentlemen, we have nipple!!

3. Even her husband can't get enough of that stuff

Surprised he's not whipping out a camera phone.

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I'm sorry, but I just don't see the big deal and where all the supposed titillation comes from. In that one photo with her husband, you can see most of her breast, but so what? If men can go topless, women should be able to. There is no difference at all. Men have nipples and can show them any time. Bare breasts do not equal "wanna have sex right now!". This is merely a tempest in a thimble.


Nipple Slip? Americans are so ridiculous! Grow up, Europeans go topless on the beach and no one thinks anything about it. Are Americans so stupid they want to check to see if someone else has nipples? Roll your cat over, females have nipples to.


Mstrdrgn: I married a Brazilian man many years back.  On my first trip to Brazil he told me he wanted to take me surfing at Ipanema beach, and I told him I did not want to go where there would be topless women.  He laughed his bunda off and said, "you Americans are so gullible, you actually believe porn stories about women walking around all topless everywhere!"  He assured me that not only were there NOT going to be topless women at a public beach, but he also assured me that if indeed a woman did take off her top at any Brazilian beach, she would be raped repeatedly by any guy near enough to witness her "invitation".  In my many years of visiting almost every beach in Brazil, I never once saw girls or women dress provocatively for this reason. My mother-in-law, a police officer, warned ME against going topless anywhere in public (including the beaches), because I would in fact get raped and the police would not help me once they found out that I 'encouraged' the rape by showing any nudity.  So whereas your statement "Bare breasts do not equal "wanna have sex right now"" should be self-evident, it is not understood that way by all men.  I agree that nip-slips are (or should be) mundane, but they are popular for a reason among certain men. I personally think it sucks that women must be sexualized and actually punished for it too.  All the while men get to keep their dignity by keeping their clothes on (or not be photographed accidentally nude anyway).

daryl elliott
daryl elliott

Speaking of stupid Charles....its too not "to". smart guy

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