Whole Foods On Kirby (Somewhat) Ablaze (Update: It's Out)

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Smoky but contained
The Whole Foods on Kirby is on fire, according to witnesses and Twitter photos (that can't be accessed because everyone's trying to see them).

The Houston Fire Department reports 11 units on the scene of "a building fire." At this point it's a one-alarm fire, which sounds like it's not that big a deal. The call came in at 2:22 p.m.

On the scene? Send pictures to our Flickr page or me at rich.connelly@houstonpress.com .

Reports seem to indicate the crisis is over. Go get your free-range arugula or whatever it is they have there. (The store is closed until further notice, though: check their Twitter for updates.)

Update: It appears to have been the pumpkin display. Because pumpkins are just so damn flammable.
Photos by Kristen Majewski
Smoked pumpkin, no additives. Except water from HFD

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