Rick Perry: Five Campaign Posters He Should Consider

The Texas gubernatorial race plods along, both sides flinging charges of corruption, no debates, not a whole lot of doubt about the outcome.

Rick Perry, it seems, will be re-elected even though no one really likes the guy.

Perry needs to stir up some excitement, and you don't do that by just strolling along the border looking somber with a bunch of law-enforcement types.

Here are five posters the Perry campaign needs to get working on now.

5. The Deadliest Governor
We all know about Perry's harrowing life and death showdown with a coyote, where only a laser-pointed pistol kept Lt. Governor David Dewhurst from taking over.

Is there a laser sight on that thing?
4. The Great Debater (with conditions)
Do you think Lincoln debated Douglass without first seeing his income-tax returns?

Perfectly normal pre-conditions for a debate, sir

3. It's a Wonderful Life
Go ahead, promise what all your supporters want. Start small -- just a day -- but who says you can't dream big?

Baby steps, baby steps

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