Joe DiMaggio -- Nude! Bob Feller, Too! For Baseball's Post-Season, Five Classic-Era Players Exposed (NSFW)

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Breaking news for Houston --baseball's post-season begins tonight. You probably haven't given much thought to the sport since August, but the rest of the country has. To some degree.

To celebrate the national pastime in autumn, when every pitch counts and seasons are won and lost, we harken back to the storied days of old, when legendary players like Joe DiMaggio, Mel Ott and Bob Feller all played.

And, apparently, were photographed in the nude.

We don't know what people were thinking back then, but taking photos of ballplayers in the shower or locker room with their penii flopping about was apparently considered SOP.

So here are five, at least according to the internet. NOT SAFE FOR WORK, OBVIOUSLY.

We mean it -- Not Safe For Work. Don't blame us if you click on the next page and your boss comes up behind you. You've been warned.

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