Neiman-Marcus: Just What A Recession Needs

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Photo courtesy Neiman-Marcus
Think of it as a moat against the hoi polloi

Hey, it's fall; that can mean only one thing: More tasteless ostentation from Neiman-Marcus.

For 50 years now they've been garnering publicity for their "his and hers" Christmas gifts, no matter what the current economic situation might be.

That thing pictured above? It's a houseboat. "Open and airy during the day with waterproof hardwood floors and double glazed windows, at night it truly glows with sophistication thanks to maintenance-free translucent thermal aluminum walls," we're told.

Other gifts include limited editions Camaros ($75,000) and cameras ($17,500), because when you're burning cash for no reason but your lame ego you don't want to settle for something just anyone could get.

There's also the 50th-anniversary charm bracelet -- think of it as a Neiman's bobblehead for all you collectors:

We proudly present a precious jewelry bracelet like no other. Master jewelers crafted it from a one-of-a-kind collection of 11 marquise-cut diamonds. Certified fancy -- and extremely rare -- naturally colored diamonds in the collection include richly hued pink, blue and orange diamonds. The centerpiece diamonds have micro-pave settings and are surrounded by 18-kt. white and yellow gold.

Displayed from a classic link bracelet with a diamond lobster claw clasp, the 11 diamond and gold charms commemorate His & Hers gifts over the years including an airplane, a Chinese Junk, a hot air balloon, a camel, a sarcophagus, a Buffalo calf, a windmill, an ostrich, a Shar-Pei puppy, a robot, and a vintage motorcycle. Only one will ever be made.
At $248,000, it's $2K cheaper than the houseboat.

Or you can get a Target gift card.

Photo courtesy Neiman-Marcus
Get your kid an edible, $17,500 gingerbread house almost seven feet tall. It won't spoil her at all

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