John Robert Dossey, 62: Architect Gets Four Years For Sex & Porn With 16-Year-Olds

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John Dossey should have kept the camera at home
John Robert Dossey liked his sex partners young, as his conviction showed.

If he had just stuck with sex, maybe he would have escaped without a huge amount of prison time -- he went with 16-year-old hookers, and while it's pretty disturbing it's not the same as preying on toddlers.

Unfortunately for Dossey, he felt the need to keep mementos of his escapades. Or maybe he thought of himself as an artist. At any rate, he took photos of the girls -- he even helped them with their hair and makeup -- and that led to child pornography charges, and there are few short sentences for that.

A federal district judge sentenced Dossey, an architect, to more than four years in federal prison today.

Here's the feds' take:

The United States presented evidence which established that on March 25, 2009, Dossey was stopped by law enforcement in the company of a 16-year-old female. Dossey had paid this child to engage in various sex acts with him and to allow him to take sexually charged photographs of her.

Further investigation led to the discovery of another 16-year-old female that Dossey had been paying for sex for approximately one year. This underage female was also photographed by Dossey. Dossey provided lingerie, would do the minor's hair and make-up and then take photographs of the minor, some of which constituted child pornography
He'll be on lifetime supervision when he gets out.

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