HPD Tells Cops: No Bar Pictures On Facebook, Please

Thou shalt not tweet bar pics
Earlier this summer, KPRC ran across some pretty offensive stuff on the Facebook page of Houston police officer Deyna Carabajal, such deep thoughts as Haitians Hondurans are "the most drunkards, violent ppl I hv ever dealt with."

The internal investigation is still (somehow) ongoing, but HPD Chief Charles McClellland has issued a new social-media policy for the force, the station reports.

Among the rules: No photos posted online of "Any uniformed officer in 'compromising or inappropriate positions, locations, or circumstances" (such as drinking at a bar)."

It's not made perfectly clear, but we're guessing "compromising or inappropriate positions" also includes a uniformed three-way with two women dressed up like pouty schoolgirls. We could be wrong, though.

Banning bar photos from Facebook and Twitter? That's likely to render some FB/Twittering cops entirely mute

What's next? Officers can't take pictures of the meal they're about to eat? PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THESE. Apparently.

Also banned, by the way, are "photos of any officer assigned to undercover duties" which, you have to admit, makes sense, if you're interested in preserving the whole "undercover" thing

The Do Not Do list also includes "Any abusive or inappropriate comments about fellow officers, the department, or city leaders."

Haitians are not specifically mentioned.

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