Houston Press Goes All Glossy

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As you pick up your print edition of the Houston Press this week, you'll notice something different about the cover.

And not just that it has a cute monkey staring at you.

The Press is the latest paper in the Village Voice Media chain to get a glossy, heavy-stock cover, which allows for much sharper pictures and graphics.

It does not mean we are becoming PaperCity, or the Houston Chronicle's doomed (we think; maybe it's still around?) Gloss insert.

It just means we're better looking. And still committed to print, no matter what Nelson Muntz says.

From the official announcement from Village Voice Media Holdings:

VVMH's vote of support for print comes at the same time the company is pouring new resources into its digital operations, including online, mobile, email and SMS. Each of those distribution channels reinforces the company's brand as the definitive source of news, food, music and calendar/arts coverage in America's most vibrant cities.

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