Diane Burnett's Job Included Drinking, Smoking Weed And Having Sex, And She's Suing Over It

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Welcome to the working week
Act now before this gets on Monster.com -- there's apparently a job out there that involves getting high, getting drunk and screwing.

That's if you believe the allegations of one Diane Burnett, and she's filed a suit, so there's at least a chance it's true.

Burnett said her boss at Mainland Tool -- there's got to be some punny reference there -- "forced [her] to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke marijuana and have a sexual relationship with [him]," according to the Southeast Texas Record.

Two out of three ain't bad?

No, no and no.

It would be very wrong to be forced to drink and get high to keep your job as office administrator, although knowing what we do of office-administrator jobs, it certainly would make the days pass quicker.

Burnett also alleges she was a whistleblower who was fired for reporting that the company was stealing from its customers; again, these are just allegations.

The suit was filed in Galveston County district court.

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