Carrie Kelly: Rare Child-Porn Indictment For A Woman

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Photo courtesy Brazoria County SO
Carrie Kelly, indicted for child porn
Back in April we reported on the arrest of Carrie Kelly, who was alleged to have sent more than 100 pictures of underage kids having sex to a Florida man.

It's rare for a woman to be arrested for child porn, a federal official told us at the time.

In the comments on that item, Kelly had her defenders who said she was innocent.

She still is considered innocent, of course, but today a grand jury indicted her on the child-porn charges.

"The indictment, returned Sept. 15, 2010, accuses Kelly of distribution of child pornography on two dates in April 2010 and also possessing child pornography in the same month," the U.S. Attorney's office says. Kelly, 29, of Richwood, faces serious time: "Distribution of child pornography carries a minimum of five years and a maximum of 20 years imprisonment while possession of child pornography carries a penalty of up to 10 years incarceration upon conviction," prosecutors said.

As for the rareness of women getting arrested for child porn, a spokesman for the feds told us at the time that stats weren't readily available, "but I see press releases from all over the central part of the country, from U.S. Attorneys, local police, whatever, and nothing comes to mind in terms of a woman. It's all men."

And the archive of press releases backed him up.

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