Breast Cancer Awareness: Five Bad Attempts

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As any sports fan knows, October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- uniforms and gloves and wristbands have been pink; outside of sports the Empire State Building and the White House have gone pink to remind women to get themselves checked.

The campaign has grown tremendously since the San Francisco Giants tried out some pink stuff a few years ago. But as with any campaign, there were some hits and misses along the way.

Five misses:

5. Osama Breast Ladin

pink osama.jpg
Sure, he did some public service announcements via smuggled-out cassette tapes, but overall the response just wasn't there.

4. Pink SWAT teams

"Needs to blend in more" was the official after-action verdict on these babies.

3. "It's Friday -- get checked whether it's the 13th or not!!"
This attempt had a good opening weekend, then things fell off precipitously.

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