The 10 Biggest Homes For Sale In Houston Right Now

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Feeling a little cramped these days? Sure you are, what with all the stocking up whenever Costco has a sale on baked beans and rice.

Well, an economic downturn is the perfect time to move on up in the real estate world. People who have overextended themselves -- or maybe have become empty-nesters in their 20-room houses -- are eager to sell.

What are the 10 biggest homes available in the Houston area right now? These. (We're not used to browsing the Houston Association of Realtors website for opulent homes -- for any homes, for that matter -- so forgive us if there are bigger manses out there.)

10. 99 Grand Regency Circle, the Woodlands

Bedrooms: Five
Bathrooms: Only five, but three half-baths
Square feet: 13,800
Price: $8.6 million
Sure, this 2009 home is not exactly huge, per se -- Reliant Stadium is much bigger, for instance -- but think of all the enjoyable hours you can spend looking at these drapes while working out.
9. 11095 Memorial Drive, Piney Point Village

Bedrooms: Eight
Bathrooms: Seven and two half-baths
Square footage: 14,006
Price: $5,399,000
See over there? That's where Jeff Bagwell parked one into the upper level! Who says the Dome isn't being used?

8. 1700 Parkwood Avenue, Friendswood

Bedrooms: Five
Bathrooms: Five and four half-baths
Square footage: 15,038
This little shed is called the White House Ranch, but don't worry -- We're sure there aren't any socialist Muslims in this exclusive neighborhood!

7. 5110 Newpoint Drive, Fresno

Bedrooms: Seven
Bathrooms: Eight and three half-baths
Indoor basketball courts: Just the one, we're afraid
Square footage: 15,446
Price: $3.2 million
What, your home doesn't have an air-conditioned indoor basketball court? Times are tough, we guess.

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I wish someone would buy me a house becaue I can't afford to myself.  Thank you.

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