Downtown's Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel Coming Down

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Photo by Paul Knight
The once-glamorous arched entryway
We've written before about the long-empty Sheraton-Lincoln hotel downtown, and the myriad attempts to save it

Now it looks like it's Demolition Time.

Swamplot reports that Brookfield Office Properties, which owns a skyscraper across the street from the property, has bought the 28-story hulk and plans to tear it down. The underground parking garage will be saved, though.
Says Swamplot:

"Our tenants in Total Plaza will experience views of downtown that they never had before," announced Brookfield's Paul Layne, "and access to three levels of below-grade parking." The company says it has no particular plans for further development of the site once the building is demolished.
No story on the old hotel can be published without noting that the Beatles stayed there during their 1964 tour, so there you go.

Check out Swamplot for some vintage photos of the place, including this beauty:

"The Girl From Impanema" is probably playing on a transistor radio

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