Raymond Garcia: I Wouldn't Have Abused That Kid If It Was A Girl

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Raymond Garcia: You'll never crack me, copper
There are ways to respond to police when you're being questioned about possibly sexually abusing a kid. Defense lawyers would probably not suggest using Raymond Garcia's template.

Garcia, 24, was identified in a police lineup by a San Antonio mom and her 8-year-old child, who said he was the man who broke into their apartment and sexually abused the boy.

To which Garcia replied: Hey, I was kinda high on meth -- not too high, you understand, but high. Oh, and if the kid had been a girl I woulda never touched her.
Verrry subtle way to build the foundaiton blocks for your defense, dude.

An affidavit describes events, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

Garcia allegedly told police he'd injected methamphetamine shortly before he wandered into the apartment, but apparently remembered what happened.

"He attempted to mitigate his actions on the issue of the drug use," the affidavit states, "but admitted that the major portion of the high only lasted a short time, and that if he would have had to drive a motor vehicle, he would have considered himself capable."
But he wasn't finished with explanations quite yet, KENS noted:

According to the warrant, the suspect also admits to inappropriately touching the boy "just two or three times."

According to the arrest document, Garcia also claims he would not have acted on the victim if the child had been female.
A true gentleman.

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Wow im still shockd he was my best friend. Would not n could not believe he was capable of this. But as will says he was going through alot people dying left n right. He needs help I prfer he stay in jail where hes safe from himself.


i know raymond for many years and never in my life could i imagine him doing something like this. these r the kinda stories you hear that you say, " i will never hear anything like that about anyone i know" and raymond was definately one of those ppl. its very sad considering i know first hand i know what meth does to you and the fact that after the high goes away meth just pretty much becomes a truth serum.


Well, um, what can I say? Raymond and I were best friends in high school. This is really a huge damn shock, because he was always 'in the closet', despite the fact that everyone knew.

But anyway, he was always a sweetheart and incredibly kind. I don't know how he got to this point in life, but this is heartbreaking...

Raymond had a tough upbringing. He needs therapy and help, not a death penalty.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Will- Thanks for your input. Have a great day!

Actually dickhead, considering most child molesters are put into isolation with other sex offenders in prison, where is the deterrent? As a matter of fact, has prison and/or the constant rape/beatings been any kind of deterrent so far? I never said the death penalty was infallible, but when it comes to theses animals, one to the head and save a kid from being ruined down the road. Apologist idiot...


Yes, because the death penalty is so effective for OTHER crimes, right? And it NEVER kills innocent people, right?

The threat of prison and constant rapes/beatings for child molesters isn't a deterrent enough that now we have to kill them? That'll go well, dude. You're a moron.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

The justice system needs to take a page from the way the Chinese dealt with the opium epidemic when it comes to child molesters. If you round up child molesters and put one in the back of their head in a public forum, I am guessing the amount of incidents would start to decline much as opium became nearly obsolete when the Chinese employed that tactic...

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