Metro May Take Bold, Courageous Step Of Accepting Ads On Buses

Well, maybe not so modern
Back in July, when then-interim Metro head George Greanias was making an introductory set of meetings with groups and media outlets like us, we asked him something that had been bugging us -- with its money woes, why didn't Metro accept ads on buses?

Found money, right?

There wasn't really a good answer except "that's how it's always been done."

Now Metro has released a new budget and, buried deep within, is a one-sentence bold step into the 19th Century: "Pursue advertising on buses."
The nugget was first discovered by Bradley Olson Mike Snyder of the Houston Chronicle, who notes that no one should get too excited: Greanias, he writes, "told me that this idea is merely being explored and no revenue from this source is projected in the budget."

Metro VP George Smiley told us that city ordinances prevent ads on bus stops, which would probably me more lucrative than bus ads. And he said the most recent study the agency had done showed the revenue from bus ads would be minimal.

But even "minimal" is better than "none," right? Baby steps, Metro, baby steps.

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