EPA Gives Houston Big Grant To Boost Electric Cars And (Non-Electric) Bikes

Categories: Environment
Dollars for clean-air initiatives
The Environmental Protection Agency has just announced it's giving a $423,000 grant to Houston to help the city boost its electric-car program.

The city already has about two dozen charging stations downtown for the vehicles, and now can add more and also improve bike-related infrastructure, the EPA said.

According to the announcement:

The proposal calls for the City to 1) develop an electric vehicle charging infrastructure to be used by both city vehicles and commercial or residential vehicles, 2) implement a bike-share program, and 3) improve the existing bike infrastructure by using solar-powered LED lighting on bike paths to improve safety.
Albuquerque, NM also got a similar-sized grant.

"Houston and Albuquerque are leading the way with innovative projects to help EPA with our goal to reduce greenhouse gases," said Al Armendariz, EPA Region 6 Administrator. "By leveraging federal dollars, they are launching projects that will improve the environment and create jobs."

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