Texans' Tailgating: Where Meat, Booze, Tattoos, Porta-Potty's and Big Ol' Grills Get Together (SLIDESHOW)

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Photo by Chasen Marshall
Tailgating done right, but not "Best of"-worthy.
"Yo man, why you wearing that Tony 'Homo' jersey?"

Texans fans were confident and cocky around the mish-mash of cars, RVs, tents and debauchery that was Tailgate City yesterday morning, outside Reliant Stadium.

Riding high on its spotless 2-0 record, TexansNation seemed to believe a trouncing of the rival Dallas Cowboys was a sure thing. And that thinking was justified. The Cowboys were winless and were yet to show themselves as viable contenders in the NFC. Meanwhile, the Texans were popular picks among the media as the surprise stars of the new season.

And so Texans fans were merry. It looked like a red and navy blue version of Mardi Gras had come to south Houston. Parties were bustling, and the food and booze was plentiful. Hair Balls decided to show up for the pre-game festivities and see what Texans tailgating was all about.

In honor of the "Best of Houston" issue coming out this week, we decided to come up with our "Best of the Texans-Cowboys Tailgating Scene (With The Occasional Farfetched Category Just Because We Liked The Image)," combined with some high school yearbook categories that seemed appropriate. Twelve awards in all. Enjoy.

12. Most Dedicated
Photos by Chasen Marshall
​Facepaint and jerseys are nice, common behavior -- but tattoos are forever. Let's hope Owner Bob McNair doesn't go all Oilers-ian on us and send the Texans to Oklahoma City or Santa Fe. Tattoo laser removal is pricey.

11. Most Unoriginal
​Sure, Andre Johnson is probably the most well-known and most talented guy on the Texans' roster, but come on! You wouldn't wear the same t-shirt as your buddies when going to see a concert, would you? There are 52 other guys on the roster, so mix it up a bit. Or at least don't stand side-by-side.

10. Most Desirable
​Don't get us wrong, the women out there were lovely, but when we're talking tailgating, sausages hot off the grill are what get us going. All we need is a cold beer to wash it down. And there was plenty of that around as well.

9. Most Friendly
​With our Texas brethren in town, one would expect hugs and handshakes and general hospitality. Well, not when those visitors are wearing royal blue and silver or flaunting giant stars. Some shared their disapproval with words, others, like this gentleman made a silent statement.

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