Jaxon Leone: 86'd From Hospital For Being Drunk, Police Say Local Man Then Swiped Ambulance

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Jaxon Leone had plenty of `em
​We've all heard that urban legend about the drunk guy who drives off in the cop car and forgets all about it...You know, he's in a black-out, and he goes home and passes out, and then the next day, he's woken by an angry cop beating down his door, and there's the cop car in the drunk's parking place, lights still blazing from the night before.

A somewhat similar misadventure unfolded in real life Tuesday evening in Webster. That was when Jaxon Don Leone, a 34-year-old sometimes resident of the Houston Heights, was hanging out in Clear Lake Regional Medical Center.

It's unknown why he was there. Also unknown is why Leone thought it would be a good idea to booze it up in the corridor of the hospital. At any rate, hospital staff disagreed, and Leone was asked to leave.

Meanwhile, an ambulance arrived at the emergency room. And we'll let the Galveston County Daily News take it from there...

"A gentleman was in the hospital for an unknown reason when he was escorted out for consuming alcohol," [Webster police Deputy Chief Tom] Claunch said.

Shortly thereafter, the man was seen on security video outside where an ambulance was parked, Claunch said.

"After the crew unloads the patient, they guy walks out of camera view and the ambulance is gone," Claunch said.

Hospital staff and police were able to track the ambulance using GPS technology, and it was recovered 15 minutes after it was taken, two miles from the hospital in an apartment complex parking lot. Laptops and cellphones that were aboard the ambo were recovered; but somehow a defibrillator and a blood pressure machine vanished.

Witnesses at the apartment complex quickly led them to Leone, who was arrested at a nearby gas station and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. At this writing, he remains in Harris County Jail on $2,000 bond.

Though he apparently does not perform in public, Leone is a sometime musician -- here on his YouTube channel he performs a Ryan Adams cover and few originals.

We were kinda taken with his taste in music and films -- he digs both UGK and the Flaming Lips, and it was kinda less than surprising to see he's a big fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. We were not so much a fan of his criminal record: three years ago he was convicted of beating a woman and sentenced to 20 days in jail.

We'll close with a pearl of wisdom we found on Leone's Myspace page.

"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else."

Indeed it is...

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People make bad choices...we have all made mistakes in our lives growing up, but those mistakes help us grow into wiser & more cautious human beings. For those who know Jaxon, he's had a tough life, but has used his musical talent as a positive outlet for his pain, anger, & frustration; allowing him to evolve & distaance himself from the person he was in the past. He never stops striving to become a better person & a better musician just like his father was. On a side note, aren't there plenty of famous people in this world who wear their arrest records like a badge of honor instead of finding the shame in it like they should? And the majority of them aren't even all that talented, but PR Consultants aren't cheap.


Most creative thing a UT alum has done since Janis Joplin puked in a Buick Skylark.

John Lomax
John Lomax

Thanks Jim: I think that should be a recurring feature.


It would have been fun if you had left out the suspect's name and age and just identified him as a "sometimes Heights resident and musician" and asked the readers to guess who it was. The candidates are legion....


I wonder what his take on the Walmart is.

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