7-Cent Gas Likely Equals One Big Traffic Headache In Cypress

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The return of gas lines!
Want to fill up your gas tank for 7 cents a gallon? Then be sure to hit the Murphy gas station at 26272 Northwest Freeway in Cypress from 7-9 a.m.Tuesday.

Sprint is promoting its new pre-paid cell, Common Cents Mobile, by letting folks fill up for that extremely low cost (each car can get a max of $25 worth of gas. In case you were planning on getting  more than 357 gallons).

Sprint representatives will pump the gas, wash your windows, and "provide giveaways including Common Cents Mobile phones and service," according to a press release.

Sprint's new brand offers 7-cent per minute service, hence the 7-cent gas. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to us either, but who cares -- that's some cheap mother-effin' gas!

Sprint spokesperson Nichole Cappitelli told Hair Balls in an e-mail that "we will have 4-6 officers onsite at the event to help with any traffic issues. The local Wal-Mart store has also been informed of traffic congestion in the area."

We're not sure why Sprint picked rush hour to hawk its product, as traffic is crappy enough without drivers swerving toward an exit at the last minute to get the gas. So please, folks, be extra-careful Tuesday morning. And remember, if you have to text while you drive out of the gas station and back onto the freeway, be sure to do it on one of Sprint's new Common Cents phone -- it's only 7 cents per text!

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