Market Square Park: Reopened And Repurposed Tomorrow

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marketsquare 0.jpg
Photo by Troy Schulze
Market Square Park will be THE place to go for dog sculptures
​Houston officials have tried for years to make a go of Market Square Park, but it never seems to take.

The latest effort, a $3 million one, gets unveiled tomorrow at 2 p.m.

The park has been closed since December for a makeover that has changed the place from a mostly empty plot of land to a busy, art-filled block that includes a Niko Niko's restaurant.

We have to admit we have nightmares of Jordy's Toilet Redux (the Jones Plaza renovation), but we'll see.

As our Art Attack blog pointed out, some of the artwork leaves a little to be desired. And some of the architect's renderings do bring to mind a cross between the aforementioned Jones Plaze and Tranquility Park, which has always seemed slightly off-putting with its industrialized, paved-over atmosphere.

But again, we're open to be proven wrong. And just having the park open should be a boon for the businesses that surround it.

Events start at 2 p.m. and feature bands, pet-related stuff and tours of the area. Plus the mayor will cut a ribbon!

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