Justin Lewis: Katy Junior High Science Teacher Busted For Kiddy Porn

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There's been a Pedobear sighting in Katy.
​A Katy seventh grade science teacher has been arrested for possessing and promoting child pornography, the FBI announced today.

The cul-de-sac-land home of Justin Wallace Lewis, 40, was stormed yesterday by Houston cops. Lewis was in the county jail last night and handed over to the Feds today. Accused of distributing kiddy porn over the Internet last month, Lewis will likely be held in Federal prison without bond pending further proceedings.

According to a Federal criminal complaint filed yesterday, Lewis made child porn available to others through the use of peer-to-peer software linked to his home computer. All kiddy porn is disgusting, but what Lewis was peddling seems particularly vile.

According to the release from the FBI, agents downloaded pictures of "children under the age of 12 being sexually violated by adults, children under the age of 12 in positions which caused their genitalia to be displayed in a lewd/lascivious manner, as well a child being penetrated by a foreign object."

(Cue commenters speculating on the likeliehood that Lewis will be penetrated by a foreign object in jail in 3...2...1...)

If convicted on all counts, Lewis faces five-to-20 years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000. Should he be convicted of distributing child pornography, he would be forced to register as a sex offender and he could be slapped with a life term of supervised release, which could include limitations on computer use and Internet access. A conviction for distributing child pornography requires registration as a sex offender.

Lewis's Harris Count arrest record was clean until yesterday. He had taught at Mayde Creek junior high until last year, when he transferred over to Katy.

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