Houston Zoo Cute-Off: And Then There Were Two

Categories: Spaced City

Photos by Christopher Patronella, Jr.
​You know how in the `80s, the NFC dominated the AFC in the Super Bowl, so that the real NFC Championship Game was the real title game and the Super Bowl was a foregone conclusion?

We're kinda getting that feeling with the 2010 Houston Zoo Cute-Off. We love Lou the Tenric (who might not be a tenrec, one of our commenters says), but we don't hold out much hope for him against the mighty Baylor, uber-cute destroyer of all who claim cuteness over him.

Still, this is a competition we must see through to the end. And who's to say Lou isn't the John Elway of it all, ready to topple the heavy favorite?

​Look at that face. You gotta give the guy a little consideration, don't you?

Nah. You're all going to vote for Baylor. We just know it.

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