Bud Lee, Young & Recessioned: Working In Porn Is Not Like Working At Target

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Today's installment of Young & Recessioned features Bud Lee, who has worked in every area of the adult industry during the last 30 years. Today he works as an agent at LA Direct Models and says that these days more young women are choosing pornography as a career.

I think because of the economy more and more hot young girls who normally would maybe end up trying to be lawyers or dental hygienists or whatever, they're parlaying their assets.

We get submissions from all over the country. They're looking at the viability of the adult marketplace as a place to take the assets they've been given and have, and to make the most money they can in that age bracket.

But we're not getting a lot of people leaving jobs saying, 'Wow, the real estate business is upside down and I've decided I'm going to screw for a living.' That's not really happening.

It's happened more in the past several years, because I feel very strongly that the women coming into our business today make it a more competitive market. They're better looking, better bodies. They have plans in their heads: This is where I'm going from point A to point B.

But we do have some people doing it who are full-time students, doing this on a part-time basis. I have one young lady who works a full-time job, and when we schedule her, she goes in and asks for the day off.

Most girls know this isn't going to last forever. It's a five- to ten-year job. We hope it's at least a five-year job, because that's what it takes to really find your niche, expand your market and build your fan base.

I'd like to see them make a run of it and walk away with something from it. Something other than 'experiences.' Walk away with a truckload of money, or maybe a new career because they found something they like to do behind the camera.

I know a lot of girls who were in the business before, then they go over to a distributor or a company and get a career with that company. They're in the accounting department or they're in sales. They're doing something different.

But most people when they leave [the adult industry], they leave it. They walk away and they're gone.

It's not worth getting into it if you look at it like a job at Target. You give away too much of yourself to not try to get back as much as you possibly can. So it's definitely a viable situation for certain people.

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