World Air Hockey Championships In Town This Weekend

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Houston is, in many ways, an epicenter for air hockey, the bar staple. Students at UH took to the game in the early `70s and the town has never looked back, launching several world champions.

You can watch the top players in the world in action this weekend at Reliant Stadium, where 70,000 crazed fans are expected to drown out the clicks with vuvuzuelas painted in honor of their favorite players.

UPDATE: The venue has apparently been changed to the SRO sports bar in the Northwest Mall.

No word on whether they allow vuvuzuelas.

Phil Arnold, who is the godfather of air hockey, tells Hair Balls Houston should be well-represented at the tournament.

There's a $10,000 prize, and the tournament is open to anyone. Although we're not sure you want to take on some of these guys.

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