Weiner Dog Races: The Brutal, Ugly Truth

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Photos by Stephanie Meza
Fierce competitors
Sam Houston Race Park hosted the latest edition of its Weiner Dog races, the biggest sporting event outside of the World Cup and Super Bowl combined.

It may seem like fund and games, but in reality it makes MMA look like a ladies' tea.


Note the second and third dogs from the left, obviously teammates. Instead of sprinting down the track, they are conspiring to mug the dewey-eyed weiner dog in the No. 1 slot. Meanwhile, on the far right, another competitor begins digging for the pistol he buried before the race, ready to take down anyone who is ahead of him as the finish line nears.


Here one of the vicious killers notices a photographer has been watching the whole time. A photographer who is now marked for death.

Obviously muddled by the performance-enhancing drugs coursing through their veins, four trainers fail miserably at doing the "YMCA" dance.

For more photographic evidence of the obscene horror that is weiner-dog racing, click here for our slideshow.

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Linda Leseman
Linda Leseman

I'm cracking up. I love your comments on the photos.

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