Sheyla Hershey, Seeker Of World's Biggest Boobs, Pays A Price

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Sheyla Hershey finds reality intruding on her road to "perfection"
Last year we chatted with Sheyla Hershey of Houston and were baffled by her seeming inability to see the madness inherent in her plastic-surgery quest to get the world's biggest boobs.

Now that quest has taken its toll: Fox 26 reports that Hershey, a native of Brazil, have led to a breast infection that has her "in the fight for her life."

She has a staph infection following her latest breast surgery, and doctors have had to not only remove the implants -- which had reached size MMM -- but they might also have to completely remove one breast.
Fox 26 reports:

"I had large fever and painful. I just couldn't breathe properly; it was terrible! I was in bed all day, couldn't get up," says Hershey.

Hershey says she is trying to work through her obsession with plastic surgery. She says she wants to just be a mother. Her young son has asked her for a while to reduce her breast size. Even though she is being forced to do so because of a medical emergency, she admits that it is time.
She told us a year ago she just "wanted to be perfect." We drew some conclusions back then; we stick by them now.

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