Put On Your High Water Pants, Houston

Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
As heavy rain continues to fall across the Houston area, the usual suspects have begun to flood. Portions of Allen Parkway and I-45 north have been closed and the bayous continue their predictable rise.

And even though it floods in Houston on a disconcertingly routine basis, there will always be people like this driver who think that they can take on the high waters and win. Hair Balls is always curious about the thought process involved when barreling into deep water in a car that is not one of these.

More photos of the rising waters and road closures after the jump.

White Oak Bayou continues to rise as rush hour traffic flows past on I-10.

A woman watches Buffalo Bayou rise out of its banks under the comfort of an umbrella.

Police divert buses and other traffic as they close down a flooded Allen Parkway.

Buffalo Bayou's waters reach into the tree branches that line its banks.

White Oak Bayou at Studemont and I-10 has begun to resemble a small lake.

Underground parking garages in Midtown have begun to take on water.

That's gonna leave a mark on the Carfax report...

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