Pop Rocks: The Ten Hottest (Non-Celebrity) Commercial Spokespersons

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Nobody watches commercials much these days. Digital TV recorders and the steady decline of network TV mean we no longer have to pay a lot of attention to television advertising. And anyway, companies have figured out other avenues, using the internet and people's foreheads and Jerry Bruckheimer movies to push their products.

It's a shame, in a way, because TV commercials -- more than any bouncy animated .GIF or glossy magazine spread -- have historically been our first introduction to scandalous near-nudity and double entendre. This hasn't always been as prevalent in recent years, but there are still a handful of pitchmen and women (mostly women), who carbonate our hormones. Here's a selection of my favorites, past and present.

Flo (Progressive Insurance)

I understand there's a healthy amount of hate out there for Flo, whose only real crime is a bad haircut and wearing unflattering white pantsuits. Regardless, can you really hold a grudge against someone who drives a V-twin?

The Most Interesting Man In The World (Dos Equis)

TMIMITW's magnetism can't be denied, especially considering he looks like James Bond as played by a hairier Franco Nero. And what about "Shark's have a week dedicated to him?" That's hot.

The Diet Coke Guy

How do we know for sure this dude isn't a real construction worker? His Christophe haircut, for starters, and the fact that he's wearing a designer watch, never mind that he's drinking a frigging Diet Coke in the first place. It's a good thing this commercial ended when it did, otherwise the office building ladies would've witnessed him receiving a well-deserved blanket party from his alleged co-workers.

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