Houston Zoo Cute-Off: A Competition For The Ages

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The Houston Zoo is filled with animals so astoundingly cute that they're almost a danger to the public.

But only one can be The Cutest of All.

It has come time to determine who exactly should wear that noble title: Harry, the White-Faced Saki Monkey? Zuri, the African Pygmy Falcon? Some other contender?

We shall see. With your help.

We've set up March Madness-type brackets for this, with eight pairs of the most adorable animals facing off for the chance to get to the quarterfinals. It's up to you to vote who gets to advance, after close examination of the photos by our Christopher Patronella, Jr.

1. Zuno, the Golden Lion

Photos by Christopher Patronella, Jr.


2. Lou, the Tenrec

zoo 2 62610 - 169.JPG

Lou is 20 years old, by the way (and female). If you like color, though, Zuno's your man. Choose between the two in the comments.


Our next match-up:

3. Nina, the Pygmy Marmoset



4. Bonnie Bell, the Guinea Pig

zoo1 62610 - 231.JPG

Bonnie Bell's a bit of a star, traveling on ZooMobile trips. Nina can hold her own, though.


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