Bradley Prior: Don't Impersonate A Cop On The Jailhouse Phone

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Photo courtesy GCSO
Bradley Prior, genius
Last Sunday, 21-year-old Bradley Pryor apparently forgot his Target card when he went shopping for memory cards and clothes in his native League City. Also his checkbook and cash, because he is alleged to have walked out without paying for anything.

Pryor was arrested, charged with misdemeanor theft and taken to League City jail. Meanwhile, a company called South Belt Wrecker had towed Pryor's car to a lot a few miles away.

Prior's bond was set at $1,000, so he could have gotten sprung for under $200. But instead of working on his bail, apparently, Prior decided on a creative ploy to finance his bid for freedom -- he would find a way to erase the towing costs he had accrued.

And so he unleashed a most cunning plan...

He would tell the wrecker company he was a cop, and that they'd better give him his car back, pronto. Evidently he forgot one small detail: the cops listen to your phone calls in jail.

The wrecker driver told Pryor he couldn't help him as the car had already been logged in to the lot. Meanwhile, the police intercepted the call and forwarded it to the Galveston County DA's office and asked for a felony charge of impersonating a police officer, which was approved, we are sure, amid many a hearty chortle, guffaw and snigger at Pryor's expense.

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