William Gammon: Accused Child-Porn Lover Advised Homeowners Associations On Notifying Residents Of Sex Offenders

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Advice on sex offenders from a man accused of child porn possession
William George Gammon, arrested and being held without bond for possessing child pornography, is a leading attorney in the state for uber-aggressive homeowners' associations.

As such, he's offered advice to the legislature and to potential clients. Like when he discussed on his blog whether homeowners' associations should notify residents if there were any sex offenders in their midst.

Be very, very careful about doing it, he said. For pure legal-analysis reasons, we're sure.
"If the Association decides to disseminate information to its residents about sex offenders, it risks increasing the scope of liability because of its actions," he wrote. (It's not clear if he wrote this in the room of his house where prosecutors said they discovered a safe with his handwritten notes on child-porn web addresses, or the room with three computers feds say held thousands of illegal images.)

If a homeowners' association notifies residents once of sex offenders, he wrote, they may face an obligation to keep the information updated constantly "ad infinitum" or face liability.

Not to mention this: "fearful residents could be spurred to vigilantism and self-help against the sex offenders who are 'outed', bringing more civil and possible criminal sanctions against the actors and the Association."

Yeah, definitely wouldn't want any vigilantism or anything.

(Of course, Gammon has only been accused of these crimes, he's not been convicted of anything.)

By the way, as we tweeted (and you do follow us on Twitter, right?), if you want to get some idea just how hated homeowners' associations can be, check out the comments on our earlier item on Gammon's arrest.


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