Texans Cheerleaders Take Asia: The Final Wrap-Up

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Aboard the sub USS Florida
The Texans cheerleaders are headed to Japan on an Armed Forces Entertainment tour, because our brave service members want to hear what Matt Schaub is really like.

Or maybe they want to look at cheerleaders.

Texans cheerleader Lindsay (as always, first names only to deter stalker creeps) will be blogging about the trip for us. Very enthusiastically.

Our trip to Okinawa, Iwakuni, Singapore and Diego Garcia was sensational. After traveling for so long and for so many days we are finally back in the states catching up on our normal sleep schedule and fighting jet lag!

Due to internet connection issues and a very tight agenda I was unable to catch everyone up on our day-to-day activities during the last leg of our tour. So, I will do a small summary of the last two locations for you all and share the beautiful photos that we were able to take.

 After we left Iwakuni base near Hiroshima, we made our way over to Singapore (with much difficulty if I might add, due to a canceled flight) and spent two days waiting for our C-17 cargo plane to become travel-ready for our departure to Diego Garcia.

Well, our trip almost came to an end in Singapore. Although it was nice to have a day off and catch up on rest and shopping, we received a phone call telling us that we were most likely not going to be able to head to DG due to the C-17 having mechanical issues. Flights to Diego Garcia are on a very strict schedule and some of the military personnel waiting for a flight out of the island had been waiting for over 14 days!

I have to say, we were all a bit worried as we were told, "You guys might end up stuck on the island for a while if the plane can't get you back." We were thinking to ourselves, "We're all fired from our jobs back home. Its over."

However, the thought of being stranded on a gorgeous island in the Indian Ocean for a few days didn't seem so bad (Ha.Ha!)
Anyhow, after waiting for the phone call that would give us the "green light" to head to Diego our luck finally changed. I think we were biting our fingernails the entire time in hope that we could go. I can't convey the disappointment we would have felt if we weren't able to visit the island and the military there. We had heard that they were all waiting for us to arrive and were extremely excited to meet us as we were pumped to meet them.

We headed on over to a base in Singapore and boarded the GIGANTIC C-17 cargo plane. Of course, I always meet interesting people on my flights as I have shared in my previous blogs, and I had the opportunity to meet six or seven gentlemen who were divers in the Navy and were headed to the island for work. These guys were great! We shared a lot of laughs on the plane and it was wonderful to meet them and get to know them on our way to Diego Garcia.
On the luxurious C-17 with fellow travelers
Stacy and I also had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit on the C-17 during the flight. It was so neat to fly through the clouds over the Indian Ocean. We shared side-splitting stories and laughed hysterically with the pilots for about an hour and a half before landing on the island.

We were ecstatic upon arrival. Ariana and Vanessa had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit and watch our landing while the rest of us sat in anticipation over the utopia we were about to witness. After landing and leaving the Immigration Office, it was nightfall so we couldn't see much, but you could definitely smell the sea nearby. My heart was racing! I had never seen clear blue water before.

Here in Texas, Galveston, unfortunately, does not offer this kind of beauty, and I couldn't wait until the morning to see the ocean. Arriving to our hotel rooms on base there were hardly any lights around. There is no light pollution on the island in the night hours, everything is completely natural. As the girls and I were unloading our luggage from the van, I glanced up at the night sky. I told the girls, "Look up!". I can't begin to describe to you all the beauty of the stars. It was only us, the island, the sea, and the sky.
We were sad to find out that we only had about 24 hours to spend on Diego Garcia. The next day was completely full of activities followed by a final performance that evening. We had Navy sailors show us the island, taking us to places like Turtle Cove where we had the opportunity to see beautiful sea turtles and sting rays in crystal clear turquoise water. We were also taken down a path through a small patch of jungle to Cannon Point where the guys showed us two large cannons that had been on the island since the early 1940's. While there, we held small hermit crabs found in the sand and observed a small pet cemetery of military dogs nearby.

Brit Club2.jpg
Event he Brits get some Texans love

We paid a visit to The Brit Club's Royal Marine Commandos where they performed an incredible beach assault as well a wonderful demonstration with their adorable drug dogs. In addition, we took an informative and extremely interesting tour of the U.S.S. Florida submarine which was docked on the island. The submarine was such a treat and a very powerful vessel filled with levels and levels of highly confidential material and never-ending halls and passageways.

Later on that evening before our show, we dined with the officers on a terrace that overlooked the beach and the warm setting sun. Before dinner we walked on the beach and took pictures together as the sun went down. We wanted to preserve every moment on Diego Garcia via photographs. Life on the island is slow, exquisite and beautiful.
A British serviceman, keeping a stiff...upper lip

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